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A1. Better Together: Strengthening Relationships Between Emergency Services and Child Care

This session is full.

B1. Joint Hazard Assessment Teams: What Are They and Why You Want One For Your Large Special Event

C1. Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)

This session is full. 

D1. The Essentials of Evacuation Planning

This session is full.

A2. FEMA Deployment of State and Local Employees

This session is full.  

B2. Weather 201: Severe and Hazardous Weather

C2. The NH State Police Bomb Squad: Your 24-Hour Guardians

This session is full.

D2. Team Rubicon: Responding to Natural Disasters

A3. Weather 101: An Introduction to Meteorology for Emergency Management 

B3. River Ice Jams in NH: What They Are and Technologies to Assess Them

C3. Addressing Human Trafficking in NH

This session is full.

D3. Climate Resilience Listening Session

A4. Building Partnerships Means Building Trust

This session is full.  

B4. Preparing to Surge: Preliminary findings from NH’s Health Care System Surge Exercise
C4. Beyond the Classroom: Emergency
Plans for Before & After School Programs                                                                                                                       

D4. What’s Up With the Weather? An Update on NWS Weather Tools

This session is full.

A5. NH Drug Monitoring Initiative Overview and Updates 

B5. Understanding Dementia: Implications for Emergency Preparedness and Response

This session is full.

C5. Weathering Change: NH Business Leaders on Risk, Resilience, and ​a Shifting Climate

D5. North Woods Law: An Overview of NH Fish and Game's Law Enforcement Division

This session is full.

A6. What Is the Press Looking For?

B6. Military Support During Major Emergencies

​This session is full.

C6. Harnessing the Power of NH Volunteers in 2018
D6. Moving the Herd: Planning for Animals During Manmade and Natural Disasters at the Town-Level

A7. Emergency Response and Whole Community Coordination for Large-Scale Disasters

This session is full.  

B7. WebEOC Awareness Course
C7. Down with the Barriers! Apps for Vision, Hearing & Communications
D7. Protecting Our Own: Exploring the Role of Volunteers in Emergency Incident Rehabilitation

A8. Introducing the Granite State Health Care Coalition: A Resource for Health Care Preparedness and Resilience

This session is full.

B8. Addressing Security Threats to NH Electric Utilities
C8. Getting Your House in Order: Personal Preparedness for First Responders

D8. FirstNet New Hampshire: Putting NH’s First Responders on the Information Superhighway

This session is full.

A9. The Ultimate Tool Box: How Public Works Mutual Aid Works

This session is full.

B9. Crisis Leadership: Are You Prepared?

This session is full.

C9. Drones During Disasters (D3)

This session is full.

D9. Recognition and Prioritization of Environmental/Physical Threats for Critical Path Emergency Planning and Response
A10. CAMEO: A Whole Community Approach

B10. Debris Management: Dealing with what the storms leave behind

C10. NH’s Online Flood Hazard Mitigation Database
D10. Best Practices for Mail Screening and Handling Processes & Basic Structural Blast Mitigation Methods

A11. Shelter Planning – So easy your grandma can do it!

This session is full.

B11. Radiological Emergency Preparedness: What the heck is that?

This session is full.

C11. Introduction to NH Homeland Security Exercises and Training Program
D11. Rapid Disaster Assessment and Response using Survey 123 for ArcGIS: The White Mountain National Forest experience

B12. Applying the NIST Cybersecurity Framework: A Primer

This session is full.

C12. Review of 2018 Joint Healthcare Facility/Provider Exercise in Concord NH

D12. 15 Days in the Rochester Extreme Cold Weather Shelter

​This session is full.

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