BLOCK C 1:45-3:00 Concurrent Session Descriptions

​​C1. Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)  FULL
Level: Basic       Intended Audience: All

Failure to act quickly during an active shooter event can leave you in a position to be injured or killed. The faster you decide to take action, the more likely you can save your life and the lives of those around you. Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) Training will help you to more quickly decide to take action by providing a strategy that develops your situational awareness, mental planning, and a common sense approach to surviving an active shooter event.

CRASE is a U.S. Department of Justice-sanctioned training course developed by the Texas State University.

Presented by: Michelle Clarke, MS, Instructor, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, NH Department of Safety

C2. The NH State Police Bomb Squad: Your 24-Hour Guardians  FULL
Level: Basic       Intended Audience: All

This session will offer a basic description of the NH State Police Bomb Squad’s capabilities and typical tasks. Topics covered will include diagnostic tools, including K9s; bomb threat types and standardized protocols; possible indications of pre-attack planning; suspicious behavior indicators; and basic identification of explosive materials (commercial/military and improvised).

Presented by: Lawrence Lundt, Trooper First Class, State Police Bomb Squad, NH Department of Safety

C3. Addressing Human Trafficking in NH  FULL
Level: Basic       Intended Audience: All

Human trafficking is happening in NH. This presentation will introduce the audience to the crime of human trafficking and how it relates to the opioid epidemic. Particular attention will be paid to how the problem is being addressed in NH.

Presented by: 

  • Michael Posanka, Resident in Charge, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, US Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Becky Ayling, Director, NH Human Trafficking Collaborative Task Force, Child and Family Services

C4. Beyond the Classroom: Emergency Plans for Before & After School Programs
Level: Basic       Intended Audience: Education/Childcare

This session will provide an overview of emergency preparedness for before and after school programs, including how to react and respond to incidents; the responsibilities and duties of employees in developing, maintaining, and exercising the emergency plans; and how to educate staff, children, parents, and other key stakeholders on their roles and responsibilities before, during, and after an incident.

Presented by: 

  • Stephanie Sturgis, School Age Child Care Director, Southern District YMCA
  • Emily Hewes, School Age Child Care Coordinator, Southern District YMCA

C5. Weathering Change: NH Business Leaders on Risk, Resilience, and a Shifting Climate
Level: Basic       Intended Audience: Business/Critical Infrastructure Partners; Municipal/County/State/Fed Gov’t

How are different types of businesses affected by disruptive weather? What are the expectations for government and the private sector with respect to infrastructure and resiliency? More than 100 NH business leaders came together in Concord in 2014 to discuss the impacts that changes in the state’s historic weather patterns, including increased occurrence of extreme precipitation events and unseasonable temperature swings, are having on their companies. A panel of business leaders will share first-hand experiences and highlight the findings including challenges with transportation, power, and communications, and steps to increase business resilience. Suggestions for state and local government to assist businesses to prepare, respond, and “bounce back” will be addressed.

Presented by: 

  • Alex Jaccaci, Corporate Improvement Training Facilitator, Hypertherm
  • John Dumais, President and CEO, NH Grocers Association
  • Roger Stephenson, APR, Regional Director for Advocacy, Union of Concerned Scientists

C6. Harnessing the Power of NH Volunteers in 2018
Level: Intermediate       Intended Audience: HealthCare/Behavioral Health/Public Health; Emergency Services; Education/Child Care, Human/Social Services; 
Municipal/County/State/Federal Govt. (Anyone working with volunteers in their organization, or anyone who volunteers)

The volunteer landscape in America is evolving. As federal, state, and local budgets become tighter, nonprofit organizations strive to do more with less. A common thread for organizations that continue to thrive is their ability to engage and retain volunteers to accomplish critical tasks. The session will discuss how volunteer organizations in NH use volunteers, share volunteer recruitment and retention strategies, and examine some of the current trends affecting volunteerism. A demonstration of NH’s free volunteer match and project listing program, Get Connected, will be given.

Presented by: 

  • Gretchen Berger, Executive Director, Volunteer NH
  • Karen Simmons, MBA, CPA, Deputy Director, Volunteer NH
  • Jed Fiato, MPP, Program Development and Outreach Officer, Volunteer NH

C7. Down with the Barriers! Apps for Vision, Hearing & Communications
Level: Basic       Intended Audience: Health Care/Behavioral Health/Public Health; Emergency Services; Education/Child Care; Human/Social Services

During this session, participants will examine a variety of apps to enhance vision, hearing, and communication. While these apps provide essential support to many individuals to maintain day-to-day independence, they are also essential tools for communicating in an emergency. Utilizing mostly the iPad, we will explore built-in features and free and paid apps available to communicate with people with vision and hearing loss, while discussing scenarios where they would best be used.

Presented by: Stacy Driscoll, MEd, ATP, Assistive Technology Specialist, Assistive Technology in NH (ATinNH)

C8. Getting Your House in Order: Personal Preparedness for First Responders
Level: Intermediate       Intended Audience: Health Care/Behavioral Health/Public Health; Emergency Services; Municipal/County/State/Fed Gov’t

Are you prepared? If a widespread disaster were to hit tomorrow, is your family prepared to care for themselves while you respond to work? This presentation will help you to develop a plan that includes your family to ensure that you can report to work and concentrate on the task at hand instead of worrying about if your family is safe and able to cope with a disaster.

Presented: Alan Cote, Superintendent of Operations, Town of Derry

C9. Drones During Disasters (D3)  FULL
Level: Basic       Intended Audience: Emergency Services; Municipal/County/State/Fed Gov’t

This presentation will discuss the wide variety of uses of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in disaster response, recovery, preparedness, and mitigation. The course will also discuss the current regulations (federal, state, and local) on UAS use and what the steps are to become authorized to operate a UAS.


  • Carol Niewola, PE, Senior Aviation Planner, Bureau of Aeronautics, NH Department of Transportation
  • Scott J. Gardner, MS, Acting Manager, Emerging Technologies, UAS Tactical Manager, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Jarlath P.M. O’Neil-Dunne, MS, Director of Spatial Analysis Laboratory, University of Vermont
  • Chad Council, MS, Regional GIS Coordinator, Federal Emergency Management Administration
  • Chris Huebner, MS, Director of Safety and Regulations, The Albers Group, LLC

Panel Moderator: Tricia Lambert, BS, Aeronautics Administrator, Bureau of Aeronautics, NH Department of Transportation

C10. NH’s Online Flood Hazard Mitigation Database
Level: Basic      Intended Audience: Emergency Services;  Municipal/County/State/Federal Govt.

The NH Geological Survey (NHGS) will share an online geospatial database that will help address the challenges of emergency management, hazard mitigation efforts, and planning for flood resiliency.

Presented by: Thomas Taggart, Assistant Flood Hazards Geoscientist, Geological Survey, NH Department of Environmental Services

C11. Introduction to NH Homeland Security Exercises and Training Program
Level: Basic       Intended Audience: Emergency Services; Business/Critical Infrastructure Partners; Municipal/County/State/Federal Govt.

Participants will be exposed to functions of the Exercise and Training Division within HSEM. The session will focus on the rationale for exercising and training, the progression of exercises and training, and grant application and reimbursement processes.

Presented by:

  • Ronald O’Keefe, BS, CFO, Exercise and Training Officer, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, NH Department of Safety
  • Meghan Geoffrin, WebEOC Coordinator, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, NH Department of Safety
  • Joann Beaudoin, State Training Officer, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, NH Department of Safety

C12. Review of 2018 Joint Healthcare Facility/Provider Exercise in Concord NH

Level: Intermediate      Intended Audience: Health Care/Behavioral Health/Public Health; Emergency Services; Human/Social Services

Ten Healthcare Facilities/Providers joined together with City of Concord - Emergency Management and the NH Department of Health and Human Services and conducted a community based full-scale emergency preparedness exercise. This panel presentation will provide insight to the process of forging the relationships between facilities and partnering with state and local officials to conduct the exercise. Panel members will discuss the development process, the exercise, and after action related items. Panel members will include an administrator from a skilled nursing facility, a administrator of community based healthcare organization, a member of the city's emergency management organization and possibly a member from NH DHHS.

Presenters TBD